Diabetes: from beta cells to bedsides

The BC Diabetes Research Network (BCDRN) is a collaborative network of academic faculty and trainees engaged in diabetes research across the province of British Columbia, Canada. Join our network today!

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Single-Cell Transcriptome Profiling of Mouse and hESC-Derived Pancreatic Progenitors https://t.co/sWbVPv1DV4

DPRG’s @theloctor showing off this awesome t-shirt a #SmallStepsforBigChanges participant made for us 😊 oh...he’s also schooling us on how to use the elliptical too #participantlove @DrMaryJung

8th Alberta British Columbia (A-BC) Islet Workshop February 13-15th 2019 at @SilverStarMR Register at: https://t.co/TevKUUwWQV @BCDiabResNet @AlbertaDiabetes @ADFDiabetes

A real tour de force that flips the usual "islet macrophages are pro-inflammatory" story on its head. Macs can help or hinder beta cells depending on context. Congrats to everyone involved! https://t.co/EsUq5plcMu

Excited to present #LSBCevents in #kelowna tonight. Thanks for the invite ⁦@lifesciences_bc⁩ ⁦@msfhr⁩ - I will be talk about insulin, carbohydrates and my industry partnerships w ⁦@MitacsCanada⁩ that led to clinical trials and a spinout co to monitor insulin